homeroom: gluten-free mac and cheese (and more!)




Our Mac and Cheese girls night out (+ 2 toddlers) was a complete success.

We snagged one of the last tables (without having a long wait) promptly at 6 pm on a Tuesday night.

An array of cheesy (and one vegan) choices and of course, the long-awaited gluten free pasta (well worth the +$1.50).

My fellow GF friend loved her Bard’s Sorghum Beer; I tried the fresh tangy limeade, and some of the ladies went with the wine pairings with their mac and cheeses: chevre and sharp goat cheddar vs. pecorino and peppercorn.  Wine pairings with mac and cheese?  How much more delicious can it get.

Wonderful time was had by all; I plan to return many, many times to try the other versions.  Great service too! (and the chalkboard access for little kiddies is a huge plus).

400 40th street, oakland 94609
tel. 510.597.0400

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