Homemade Gluten-Free Ravioli with Chef Brigitte

Voila. Homemade gluten-free Ravioli

I haven’t attempted homemade pasta in awhile; my first attempt resulted in so-so results (hard texture/chewy results).

Our friend Chef Brigitte (currently on Cooking Channel) was home for a visit and I asked if she wouldn’t mind lending her culinary skills to helping me make homemade gluten-free ravioli.

Here are some shots from our fun cooking session; Chef S eagerly willing to help out.  We used a premixed Gluten-Free French Bread mix for the dough; you can use your favorite GF bread or dough recipe.  We stuffed with a variety of ingredients (I went a little crazy at the market: fresh herbs, roasted butternut squash, pecorino, manchego, & mizithra cheeses, and italian sausage).

Brigitte added a lot more liquid & egg to the dough to ensure a nice soft, doughy texture.
Chef Brigitte with Sous Chef S rolling out the dough

Final product before cooking them up!

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